Sleepy Hollow – “The Weeping Lady”

This was probably one of the more effectively “scary” hours of the show that’s existed, and I couldn’t be happier. In this episode’s “case of the week” a very, very spooky-looking apparition is going after the women closest to Ichabod. Naturally, it’s Henry’s doing, if only for the sake of continuity (more on that later). When Ichabod’s new colonial reenactment friend Miss Caroline winds up dead in the river, the gang know this wasn’t some simple murder. Oh no. Scary shit is afoot, indeed.

See, on CSI, they’d automatically assume she was raped and murdered by a jealous lover. Sleepy Hollow always takes a different route: it’s probably part of the oncoming apocalypse plan. Hell, they don’t even consider any other options before jumping right into that. I wonder what would happen if other cops showed up on the scene? In fact, where are the other cops to beg the question: why’s it always gotta be ghosts with you suckas? (I assume the cops are stereotypical black gangsters from early 90’s movies, only because it could possibly give a Wayans brother work, which they are definitely hard up for)

At first I liked that every one of these cases tied into the main plot. Now, I’m thinking that’s just a bit of an afterthought. A nice afterthought, sure, but what exactly was Henry’s plan here? The Weeping Lady ends up almost killing Abbi  (yeah, that makes sense) but then almost also kills Katrina (that does not make sense). Surely they want Katrina alive, as Moloch reprimands Henry the next day for. He cowers away, apologizing for messing up once again. He’s starting to become a bumbling sidekick and not a genius mastermind. Hopefully the show strays away from that, and hopefully they do a better job of tying in the weekly stuff with the overall arc. A scene at the end just don’t cut it.

For our main heroes, once again Katrina’s faithfulness comes into play. See, The Weeping Lady is actually a jilted ex-lover of Ichabod’s, back from the colonial days. A British friend of his who had been betrothed to him ever since they were young, when she finds out that Icky’s got the stickies for Katrina, she flees back to England. Only, she doesn’t! Turns out she actually died, and who’s to blame? Um…gravity. See, they make us believe it’s Katrina’s fault, which I guess you could sort of possibly maybe say it was, since Katrina steps out of the way when Anne (I think her name was) rushes her on a clifftop. She falls to her death, landing in what looks like a dry river bed? And Katrina lies to Ichabod about it, fakes a goodbye note, and breaks his trust forever.

Man, I got really excited when they revealed it was Katrina’s fault, only for it to be a silly misdirection. Although, I secretly hope that’s not the case. I hope Katrina actually did kill her, with witchcraft. Possibly by drowning her? It would make sense, since The Weeping Lady has ties to the river, and also appears submerged in water, and also drowns people. Otherwise her death makes no sense. I’m hoping they’re just saving the truth for the next episode or something. If not, it feels like a cop out. We can hate Katrina, ya know! She could do bad things and that would be okay. She doesn’t have to be squeaky clean.

Naturally the disruption in his trust of Katrina will make for interesting stuff. Especially since it seems like she really does care for Abraham. I kind of hope, at this point, that Katrina is revealed to be just as evil as Henry. A witch bitch, if you will. The season’s done a fairly good job of making Ichabod be devoted to her no matter what. I kind of think it’d be good character work to make him lose all trust in her. Then maybe she’d have to win him back. Or, as I saw somewhere else, maybe she will become the third horse(wo)man. And then…hoo boy. Talk about marriage counseling.

Other characters pop up. Hawley is back, offering more help, being all standoffish and coy, and generally being a bit too cool for school. I still like him, though. I know cracks will show. Maybe redemption is around the corner. Or maybe he’s a dick, a free Mason, or a demon. Who knows! We do know that Jenny still wants him pretty good, which gives us something for her to do, I guess. Nothing on the Irving front, nor much in the way of the impending apocalypse, minus the shoddy tie-in.

But that’s all okay, because aside from the lame Katrina mislead and the sad, sad death of poor Miss Caroline (and we just got to know her!) this was a good, scary episode. The effects work on The Weeping Lady was superb, the sound effects of her crying were great, and a couple boo scares worked wonderfully. I really enjoyed this episode, and wish that it had done a couple things differently. Alas, you can only ask for so much, and on the whole, the episode delivered.

Grade: B+