My Travels Through the Simpsons Marathon on FXX

Over the course of 12 days this August, FXX played all episodes of The Simpsons back to back, in a marathon that one could only describe as “life-affirming”. I took a log via Facebook of my experiences during this marathon. The results are below (in picture form!). Please, let this be a tale of caution to you all.

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Day 1 SimpsonsDay 2 SimpsonsDay 3 SimpsonsDay 4 SimpsonsDay 5 SimpsonsDay 6 SimpsonsDay 7 SimpsonsDay 8 SimpsonsDay 9 SimpsonsDay 10 SimpsonsDay 11 SimpsonsDay 11 pt 2 SimpsonsDay 12 SimpsonsDay 12 pt 2 Simpsons