The Constitution: Let’s Make Amends

In today’s day and age of blue states versus red states, liberals versus conservatives, the good guys vs. the bad guys vs. everyone, one topic always comes up in discussion: the Constitution.

No matter what side you are on, you have more than likely used the Constitution as a shield in order to defend your viewpoint. For the Left, you repeatedly reference the 1st Amendment’s “right to free speech” in order to validate your incoherent rantings and insufferable protests. For the Right, you repeatedly reference the 2nd Amendment’s “right to bear arms” in order to defend your use of an M16 at a junior softball game to “express your distaste of an improper call towards the umpire”.

The Constitution is revered as this holy document that can do no wrong with rules that should never be broken, altered or eradicated. But, as any law or 8th grade Social Studies student will tell you, the Constitution is NOT infallible, and it CAN be changed. These are called “amendments”, and they are important to the well being of this country. As times change, so do our morals and our laws. What was once illegal is now embraced (homosexuality). What was once never spoken about is, well, still not really spoken about (sex with animals).

The point being, we must learn that The Constitution can and SHOULD be changed, when we deem it appropriate to do so. Though the process is long and, quite frankly, a pain in the ass, we should realize that the Constitution, just like us, is not made of stone. It is malleable, organic and, more importantly, a reflection of where we are headed as a nation and as people. It is as much an extension of us as we are of it.

And if you disagree, let me refer you to the 18th Amendment, which prohibited the selling and consuming of alcohol, but was thankfully repealed in the 21st Amendment.

Yeah. Is your Constitution so “infallible” now?

I didn’t think so, drunkie.