Sleepy Hollow – “Deliverance”

Finally! Henry’s plan seems to have a very direct purpose. Kind of. I mean, it’s still a bit indirect to have Moloch birthed out of his mother (that’d be the second li’l hellraiser she’s spawned, am I right?!?) but at least it wasn’t something that involved thirty steps more. Or does it? Because it looks like he’s literally capturing lightning in a bottle at the end of the episode. Which could be an apt metaphor for the show. Somehow, against all odds, the show has pulled off a second season that is interesting and fun, and doesn’t feel stale. I’m grooving to it.

That’s not to say that I still don’t have concerns, though some of those are addressed here: Ichabod trusts Katrina again, Sergeant Reyes is onboard with Abbi and Ichabod, and Irving’s actually doing something. Kind of. There’s still a lot of “kind of” situations on the show, but at least it’s pretty easy to tell where it’s all going. Henry is set up for redemption, Irving’s gonna break free, Reyes will probably end up dead, and the end of the world most likely won’t happen. Still, could you imagine if it did? What a brave move that would be. And so rad!

So the spider that crawled into Katrina is gonna turn out to be Moloch. Soon Henry’s got an old British agency called The Hellfire Club out to kidnap her, help deliver the baby, and raise it as their own. Probably. I assume he’s got a bit of an expedited adolescence considering baby Moloch, while adorable, would probably not be that big of a threat to society. Unless they put him on a crowded plane, in which case, that’s my personal hell right there. Katrina escapes, only to be found by Ichabod and Abbi in the hospital, where they promptly remove her, take her to safety (?) and then figure out what to do next.

They figure things out pretty quick, but that’s what this show (and many like it) do. After all, it’s only 46 minutes or so, which leaves little time for them to go “huh? the logo looked like what?” and instead has them knowing everything all at once. That stuff still irks me on TV, and while this show isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s at least interesting, so I expect better of it. And not really delving into The Hellfire Club seemed like a missed opportunity for some cool historical retooling. Instead, we get Franklin’s write-up on an aurora borealis, which holds the key to stopping Moloch: a shard of…um…an aurora. Or something. Look, it wasn’t as strong as it could have been, but they had to hurry it up to make room for the character stuff.

And this episode was heavy on that. Lots of talking, not a whole lot of action (though there was some good shootout stuff, skin getting peeled off, and an aurora borealis abortion (say that three times fast!) and a lot of Katrina and Ichabod being all in love and faithful and stuff. Frankly, I was more interested in how Abraham actually seemed to be fighting for Katrina’s wellbeing, which could prove tricky when Icky ends up confronting him later on. Yeah, Katrina’s in love with Ichabod. We (and he) know that. But he’s still a bit jealous. After all, they get to “converse” for hours at a time while he’s off trying to save the goddamn world. It’s like he’s busy at work and she’s at home with the headless pool boy. Bound to be some jealousy there.

Of course, the character stuff we get isn’t that enlightening, minus that Ichabod could see one of Henry’s memories, and it was of him as a young, vulnerable boy lost in the woods. Does this mean Ichabod is a sin-eater? Or was it Henry’s way of saying “Look, Dad, I’m not all bad, ya dig?” I’m leaning towards the latter. Which, of course, sets up the redemption story we all know is coming now. I hope they can surprise us, but I’m getting a strong Darth Vader/The Emperor vibe going on with him and Moloch. Not necessarily a bad comparison, albeit a bit unoriginal. Prove me wrong, kids! Prove. Me. Wrong.

All in all, a solid episode, though I was admittedly bored a bit by the heavy doses of Katrina/Ichabod, which makes me feel a bit sad. I always thought their love was a pretty strong element to the show. Maybe the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” aspect was strong. Like a long-distance relationship, theirs seems best fitted for brief interactions via mirrors, memories, trips to Purgatory, etc. and not with them together for extended periods of time. It’d be great if the show played that angle up, since it seems like she’s escaped (for now) from Henry and the Horseman. My guess is they won’t, though, and she’ll be back in peril soon. What’s a witch gotta do to stay out of trouble?

Not much Abbi in this episode might be what made it feel lacking. Some quips here and there, but Katrina stole the spotlight (and Ichabod’s attention) from her, so she wasn’t as important. It’s a testament to the show’s leading pair that when they’re not interacting as much, it suffers. Aside from some very, very (read: too) timely election day rabbles, the pair didn’t get to do much together. It was nice to see Abbi and Katrina get some interaction, though, and have Abbi immediately shoot down the idea of popping her off in order to prevent the apocalypse. That was some nice sisterly love stuff going on. Since Jenny’s off doing….whatever she’s doing, maybe Abbi will finally have a female around to get close to? Maybe go corset shopping together? Please? For my sake?

Review Grade: B+

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