Back to the grind

Hello friends –

Been a long while since I’ve updated. I mean, South Park’s season ended, so what do you expect?

I also taught a Screenwriting class again this January, which took up a lot of my time. Very worthwhile experience, learned a lot about myself, inspired young minds, that sort of thing. But it took a big chunk out of my writing, so I’m hoping to get back to that soon.

I don’t really have any shows to review, as I’ve stopped watching Sleepy Hollow because, well, that show just went off the rails in Season 2, and not in the good “Headless Horseman with a shotgun” way. It just lacked focus, and I lost interest (sounds like many breakup texts I’ve received).

Maybe I’ll start reviewing movies or something. Or maybe I’ll throw a Dying Light review up pretty soon, as I’ve been pretty engrossed in that as of late. Or maybe I’ll get back into writing about writing. Either way, for the umpteenth time I’ve said this, I’ll start putting more into the website soon.

Specifically, I’ve decided that self-publishing isn’t as shameful as I once thought. I have a lot of quality writing that has yet to find an audience, and I want it to. It deserves to. And you, dear reader, deserve to find it. So, I’ll start publishing my stories on here again. Why not? Better than simply having two flash pieces up here. Pretty easy to read through those again.

So my friends, I will be back. In Pog form.


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