“Hatchery” added to Short Stories, PDFs now available

Hello Friend-o!

I’ve added my short story “Hatchery” to, um, short stories. Let me know what you all think. Feel free to read my other stories as well and let me know! My unpublished work is being “shopped around” as they say, at lit journals, magazines, etc. so if you have any feedback that might improve the chances of those stories getting published, I’m all ears. And eyes. And thumbs.

I also added a PDF plugin on all my story pages in case you don’t want to read it on the website. You can print the stories or just read them in your PDF viewer, or send them to your Kindle or Nook or whatever you kids use to read nowadays (the hell is a book?!?). It strips away pretty much all of the pizazz you see on the website; just words on the printed page, baby. That unfortunately also means no page numbers, which I’m looking into. But hey, these are free plugins. I’m cheap. Leave me alone.

Hope you enjoy!¬†Until next time…


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