New site look, stories added, mobile still wonky


Look at  my website. It’s so fancy and new. So fancy, I use the stock WordPress theme from LAST YEAR, baby! Woo! I’m a cheapskate.

But I also just want it to be about the content, man. That’s why, over the course of forever, I’m going to be putting up more and more of my writing junk. I know, neat, huh? Here’s some stories I added:

Flash Fiction: Bang, Zoom and I Feel the Pain of the World

Short Stories: The Pensacola Poltergeist

Enjoy reading them at your leisure. But preferably on the desktop version of my site, as I can’t seem to get a hold on the mobile version yet. But I’m getting there! Change takes time. All leaves fall. Something something pants.

I’m also going to put some longer pieces up here. We’re talking, like, might have to download them, that long. So I’m trying to figure out how to get them in PDF and .mobi and .epub and Send to Kindle formats so you can easily read them on the go. And when I say “on the go”, I naturally mean, on the toilet.

Anyway. Hope you enjoy them. If you do, donate money to me. I don’t know how. Just do it. Maybe click on the obnoxious ad bar on the right (if you don’t have AdBlock enabled, you cheeky devil, you).


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