Flash Story “Libertas” placed 8th in The Molotov Cocktail “Flash Felon” Contest

Very excited to announce that my flash piece, “Libertas”, came in 8th place in the Flash Felon contest at The Molotov Cocktail! It’s online now, direct link up above, but you can read all of the great entries here:

The Molotov Cocktail – Flash Felon Mega-Issue 2

The story will wind up in print at some point, which is always nice. Plus, The Molotov Cocktail are some super cool people who publish some really interesting stuff, so you should definitely check them out.

The theme of the contest involved a “theft” of some sort. I took the prompt and came up with the idea of a man stealing a woman’s heart…in this case, the most famous woman in the United States. From there, the story got more personal, more tragic; but, at the same time, more hopeful.

I hope you enjoy it. I really like being prompted to come up with a story, so I’m hoping I can get more opportunities to do that in the future. And I hope you all can too!


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