“The Pensacola Poltergeist” Published in Fabula Argentea Issue #12

Hey All!

Good news: My story “The Pensacola Poltergeist” is being published in Issue #12 of Fabula Argentea here: http://www.fabulaargentea.com/index.php/article/the-pensacola-poltergeist/

I’ve added a link to my sidebar as well. This story was on my site for a bit before FA decided to publish it, so yay! They also had some nice things to say about it:

“WHY WE CHOSE TO PUBLISH “The Pensacola Poltergeist”

Story titles can be interesting things. Sometimes they pose questions and draw you in, and other times, they just sit there, making no special promises. “The Pensacola Poltergeist” was one of the latter—an unassuming title (suggesting it had something to do with a haunting) and an equally unassuming location like Pensacola, Florida. It didn’t exactly grab us. Maybe you felt the same way when you saw it.

Well, we hope you didn’t stop there, just as we’re glad we didn’t either. Author Warren Buchanan weaves a superb and unexpected tale from that title. His delightful storytelling brings us interesting and believable characters amid a resonant storyline that we can almost be convinced could really happen. The result is fun and entertaining fiction, nothing deep—not every piece of fiction needs to be deep—but something you might reflect on the next time you burn a piece of toast.”

I’m greatly honored they liked it, and I hope you like it too. Please enjoy reading it, and let me know what you think. You’re all very pretty. Have you been working out?