Favorite Video Game Moments: Fallout 3

In this installment of my Favorite Video Game Moments (OF ALL TIME), in anticipation of the upcoming “Fallout: New Vegas” which is to be released on October 19th, I will be examining one of my favorite moments of all time, in the game “Fallout 3”.

Fallout 3 is what the the world would have looked like if the Red Scare of the 1950’s had actually come true, and a foreign superpower (in this case China) dropped nuclear bombs on the United States. Fearing annihilation, the United States built thousands of underground dwellings called “Vaults” that were nuclear save havens. This is where your story begins. Your birth causes the death of your mother (bummer) but luckily, good ol’ Dad is there to rear you. From taking your first steps to firing your first BB gun, your dad is there for you from the get-go.

Happy Birthday Son! Also, Happy Anniversary of you killing your mother.

Until he gets gone, that is. One day your father leaves, telling you it’s for “really important, like, stuff” and you’re left in the Vault. Naturally, since he’s your dad, and everyone else in the Vault is just a wee bit of a pain in the ass (lookin’ at you, Butch) you decide when you’re old enough that you’d like to find your father, and the only way to do that is to leave the comfort and safety of the Vault. This is where my favorite video game moment comes in:

Leaving the Vault

The reason why leaving the vault is so great is because it truly feels like you are discovering a whole new world for the first time, and really, you are. Bethesda is known for making incredible worlds with insurmountable detail, and the Washington D.C. Wasteland is no different. It is MASSIVE to say the least, and stretches farther than the eye (or the processor) can manage. The main story is wonderful as you search for your Pops, and all of the side quests you pick up along the way each have their own amazing little touches.

But nothing beats when you first walk out of that Vault and realize that yes, if this had truly happened in our lifetime, it would be a horrifying, but awe-inspiring experience. That is why, any time something incredible and jaw-dropping happens in my life, where I feel entirely overwhelmed yet curious, I like to say I’ve “left the Vault”.

Let’s hope that catches on.

(Video is in HD, but be patient, this game is meant to be seen in HD)